We make disability insurance easy by making the process for our agents, brokers and advisors simple. We have found that most clients are willing to pursue DI, if only they knew more about it. These resources offer you the opportunity to become an expert in educating, informing and motivating your clients.

Fact Finder - Use this fill-in client fact finder during interviews to uncover Disability Income insurance and Business Overhead Expense needs.
Medical Questionnaire – Your client has made the important decision to protect their income.  What comes next in the application process? Use this form to walk your client through the Underwriting Process.
Be Like Parker – A fun and educational video that you can email, or present, to explain the need for Income Protection. 
Protecting Your Business From A Disability
– A great clip that explains the need for your clients to think about protecting the business they have built.
Go to LifeHappens.org for high quality social media posts, images, videos, flyers, logos and more. 
Council for Disability Awareness »  Find a variety of non-company specific resources to help promote the need for disability insurance.