01. About Us

After a successful start to her career at Unum/Provident, Betsy opened Forman & Associates in 1996. Her vision was to offer enhanced personal service with access to top-quality contracts. While a lot about the Disability Insurance industry has changed since 1996 one thing hasn’t, the superior service you receive from working with Forman & Associates.

02. Our Philosophy

We treat every relationship with our agents as unique and know that each experience requires high levels of personal service and distinctive solutions. Here at Forman & Associates, we are passionate about Disability Insurance and your success. Our motto is “Service, not Spreadsheets”.

03. Our Process

Forman & Associates uses our 20+ years of experience to contract with top carriers to meet all your client’s disability, life insurance and advanced business planning needs. With expert field underwriting we can match the right carrier with the right solution, helping your clients secure their personal and professional financial needs as easily as possible.


I’ve never worked with a more outstanding team than Forman & Associates. For disability and life insurance, they are absolutely the best - both in knowledge and service! ~ Pete, Virginia Beach, VA

Forman & Associates is definitely a “one stop” shop for all of my clients’ disability income insurance needs.  The team knows DI better than anyone and are very innovative in finding client solutions. They’re also very prompt about getting my cases written and paid. ~ April, Charlottesville, VA 

The team at Forman & Associates is my go-to partner for everything from basic disability income coverage to advanced planning concepts. Over the past 20 years they have earned my trust which gives me piece of mind when recommending DI solutions to my clients. ~ Cory, Richmond, VA

I have been in the insurance business for 25+ years and have been writing disability coverage since I started. The team at Forman & Associates has always been honest and knowledgeable. They know disability as well as anybody I have ever encountered. I would recommend them to those that want specialized disability insurance knowledge.  ~ Richard, Washington DC 

Working with Forman & Associates is enjoyable and educational.  I can now, with confidence, incorporate the sale of Disability Insurance in my financial recommendations. ~ Chris, Virginia Beach, VA

I have been selling Disability Insurance for over 25 years.  Forman & Associates are my DI partners of choice. Their team of experienced professionals make the sales experience more relaxed by providing superior service. ~ John, Richmond, VA

Our Services


Individual Disability Insurance


Advanced Business Solutions

Including Overhead Expense, Key Person Protection and Buy-Sell Insurance


Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)



Permanent and Term Life Products

Our Team


Betsy began Forman & Associates in July 1996.   She is passionate about helping agents create the need for disability...

Managing Partner

After graduating from Radford University Ron began his insurance career at CIGNA HealthCare. In 2002, Ron joined Betsy...

Business Development Director

After a successful career in Major Gift fundraising at the University of Richmond, Tara had the opportunity to put her...

Support Specialist

Marsha joined forces with Betsy in July 1996 when Forman & Associates was established.  She brings over 30 years of...

Support Specialist

Leah is the newest member of the Forman & Associates team as she joined us in late 2019.   She brings with her over 17...

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