Introducing the New Value Plus Term Life Insurance

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Customize for your Clients' Future Needs



Introducing the New Value Plus Term Life Insurance

Ameritas Value Plus Term Life Insurance provides your clients the flexibility to customize a term policy to meet their short or long-term needs while purchasing the lowest cost insurance offered by Ameritas. 

Flexible Conversion Options
Value Plus Term base product offers a five-year conversion privilege to any single life permanent product and for an additional cost, the new Conversion Extension Rider (CER) is available. The rider can be purchased to extend the final conversion date of the term policy to the earlier of the end of the level term period or the policy anniversary nearest attained age 70.  Ameritas continues to be one of the few companies that offers the extended period with conversion credits on the base premium.
Competitive Rates
With the new policy structure, Ameritas is even more competitive. The Value Plus Term base product average pricing places us in the top 10 ranking against our peers, an improvement of seven positions from our previous ranking. 

The next time you find yourself in a competitive term situation, contact Forman & Associates for a quote for the new Ameritas Value Plus Term and see for yourself!


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